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BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 500 – Next Weekend

F A C T   S H E E T:
 BFGoodrich Tires 53rd SCORE Baja 500
presented by 4 Wheel Parts

(as of 6.3.2021)

WHAT:            BFGoodrich Tires 53rd SCORE Baja 500, presented by 4 Wheel Parts
                        Round 2 of 4-race 2021 SCORE World Desert Championship
WHEN:            Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, June 10-13, 2021
WHERE:           Northeast outskirts of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
                        80 miles south of U.S./Mexico Border at San Diego
WHO:              Nearly 250 entries expected, 24 U.S. States, seven countries (USA, host Mexico, Bolivia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Peru)
COURSE:       TOTAL MILEAGE: 466.00 miles (2 physical full-stop checkpoints, approximately 233 regular and 2 narrow virtual checkpoints, 14 speed zone sections for a total of 74.9 miles).  Running in a clockwise direction, the race will start and finish without spectators in the SCORE compound. The SCORE start/finish compound will be located Northeast of downtown Ensenada one mile beyond the end of the extension of Avenida Ruiz. It runs in a clockwise direction west to Ojos Negro then south down the middle and then up the Pacific Coast side of Baja California. The course goes east through Ojos Negros and then begins its Southern journey through El Alamo, the Goat Trail and Valle de Trinidad. From there it heads back west towards the Pacific Ocean going by and through Mike’s Sky Rancho, El Coyote Ranch and Rancho Meling. It then goes through Santo Domingo Wash, San Simon Wash. The course than parallels and draws close to the Pacific Ocean going through San Quintin, Vicente Guerrero, Camalu, San Vicente, Santo Tomas and Uruapan before heading back northeast up to Ojos Negros and back to the finish line.
Checkpoints: CK1-San Telmo Road, rm170.8; CK2-Vicente Guerrero, rm305.00.

Schedule of Events (All times are Pacific Time)

NOTE: Spectators, following health and safety protocols will be allowed around the race course
Thursday, June 10, 2021 (Closed to public)
9am-5pm–Chassis Inspection/Tech Inspection/Trans Ck/Stella Install SCORE Compound
Noon-5pm–Media Registration, SCORE Compound- Past Northeast End of Ave. Ruiz
2pm-8pm–Racer RegistrationNo new entries after 7pm, SCORE Compound
Friday, June 11, 2021 (Closed to public)
8am-4pm–Racer Registration—No new entries after 3pm, SCORE Compound
8am-5pm–Contingency Row, SCORE Compound- Past Northeast End of Ave. Ruiz
8am-6pm–Tech/Stella III Installs, SCORE Compound- Past Northeast End of Ave. Ruiz
9am-5pm–Media Registration, SCORE Compound- Past Northeast End of Ave. Ruiz
6pm–Mandatory Aircraft Pilot Meeting, Torre Lucerna Hotel
Saturday, June 12, 2021 (Closed to public)
5:30am-11pm–SCORE Media Center, SCORE Compound- Past Northeast End of Ave. Ruiz
START/FINISH: 466.00-mile course (Class starting order subject to change)
6am     RACE START: MOTORCYCLES/QUADS (subject to change)
Pro Moto Unltd, Pro Moto 30, Pro Moto Ltd, Pro Moto 50, Pro Moto 40, Pro Moto Ironman, Pro Moto 60, Pro Quad, Pro Quad Ironman, SPT Moto, SPT Quad (Start Intervals: Pro Moto Unlimited-60 second split, all other classes start one every 30 seconds) GAP –a minimum of 3 1/2 hour gap between M/C, Quad start and car/truck/utv start
10am approx  RACE START CARS/TRUCKS/UTVS (subject to change)
TT, TT Legend, 1, TT Spec, 10, 7, Pro UTV FI, SL, Pro UTV NA, 1/2-1600, PT, Pro UTV Stock, 8, HM, 4700, 3700, 1700, 2700, Hammer Unltd, Hammer Ltd, Pro UTV Open, 5, PT, 3, 5-1600, BC, 7F, 7SX, SF, 3000, Baja-e, 2, VT, VI, 9, 11, SPT Unltd Truck, SPT Ltd Truck, SPT Open-Wheel, SPT UTV Unltd, SPT UTV Stock. Start…TT, TT Legend, one every 60 seconds. All other car/truck classes start 30-second splits)
NOTE: All SPT classes, Baja Challenge, Vintage classes, Class 7SX, Class 11 and Class 9 will run a somewhat reduced course of 389.56 miles.
TIME LIMIT: All vehicles will have a 20-hour time limit from the time each vehicle starts
3pm-11pm-Posting of Unofficial Finishers, SCORE Compound- Past Northeast End of Ave. Ruiz
Sunday, June 13, 2021
10:30am–Posting of Unofficial Results, Torre Lucerna Hotel
11-12:30am–Official racer results inquiry time, Torre Lucerna Hotel
10:30am-1:30–SCORE Media Center, Conference room, San Nicolas Hotel
1pm–Posting of results online, Torre Lucerna Hotel
1:30-3pm–Trophy pick-up, Torre Lucerna Hotel
SCORE International SRL: President/Race Director—Jose Grijalva; General Manager—Juan Tintos Funcke; Administrator—Marco Durazo; Assistant Race Director–Rodolfo Fernandez Alcántara; Contingency/MX Registration—Jacky Rocha; Course Personnel Director—Hector Ponce; Tech Director—Dan Cornwell; Logistics Director—David Duenas; Logistics Coordinator—Eduardo Kawanishi; Timing Director—Shannon Lund; Scoring—Christine Wait; Racer Communications—Lawton Shank
Promote Mexico LLC—DBA SCORE MARKETING: Marketing and Sales Director—Jim Ryan; Registration Director/Racer Communications—Audreonna Cuarez; Media Operations Director—Dominic Clark; Attorney–John Alessio; Digital Media Advisor—Edward Muncey; Corporate Administrator—Mandy Dunn; SCORE Store—Walt Lyman
SCORE LIVE: Pre-race and race days coverage will be streamed live. There will also be vehicle tracking on race days. SCORE Live announcer: Rat Sult, in his sixth season as the host. Assisting Sult for this race will be veteran event announcer Dave Arnold and Matt Moghaddam.
TELECAST:   Produced by BCIITV–one-hour special to air domestically on ESPN2 World of X Games. Co-Producer: Bud Brutsman. Will air nearly 25 countries via ESPN International and Syndication. Announcer: Cameron Steele
BLACK BOXES: SCORE International Tracking provides the required data recording and Anube tracking/data Stella III tracking devices are used on all entries in SCORE World Desert Championship events

SCORE Sponsors: BFGoodrich Tires-Official Tire/Race Title Sponsor, Monster Energy-Official Energy Drink, 4 Wheel Parts-Official Off-Road Retailer/Race Presenting Partner, Ford-Official Truck and SUV, King Shocks-Official Shock Absorber, Polaris RZR-Official UTV, RACELINE Wheels-Official Wheel, VP Racing Fuels-Official Fuel, Wide Open Excursions-Official Arrive and Drive Company, Crystal Bay Casino-Official Casino.
Official Partners: PCI Race Radios, The Satellite Phone Store, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance, Lucerna Hotel.
SCORE Associate Partners: Baja California Secretary of Sustainable Economy and Tourism, XXIII Ensenada Municipal Government, Ensenada Hotel and Motel Association, Ensenada Tourism Marketing Committee and Cruz Roja Mexicana.

SCORE Trophy Truck: 11 Rob MacCachren, 31 Andy McMillin, 7 Bryce Menzies, 1 Luke McMillin, 43 Larry Roeseler, 16 Cameron Steele, 23 Daniel McMillin, 9 Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez, 77 Robby Gordon, 19 Tim Herbst/Pat Dean, 4 Justin Matney, 21 Gustavo ‘Tavo’ Vildosola, 10 Alan Ampudia/Aaron Ampudia, 14 Bobby Pecoy; 40 Chris Miller, 85 Mike Lawrence, 89 Mike Walser/Ryan Arciero, 22 Jax Redline, 41 Justin Lofton, 65 Dan Myers/Steve Myers, 37L Rolf Helland/Rick D. Johnson, 5L Clyde Stacy/Nick Vanderwey, 20L Robbie Pierce/Bobby Paton; Class 1: 100 Cody Parkhouse, 153 Brad Wilson, 168 Shelby Reid, 138 Brian Wilson, 123 Broc Dickerson; Trophy Truck Spec: 200 Jorge Samietro, 292 Jason Coleman, 264 Pierce Herbst, 230 Chad Hall, 232 Chelsea Magness, 295 William Hedrick Jr/William Hedrick Sr; HAMMER TRUCK UNLTD: 4421 Mike Hales; Class 10: 1006 Freddie Willert, 1088 Chase Warren, 1014 Bruce Yee, 1009 J. David Ruvalcaba; Class 7: 700 Dan Chamlee, 709 Jeff Proctor; Pro UTV FI: 2948 Matt Burroughs, 2989 Wes Miller, 2976 Jesus Mendez Jr, 2905 Marc Burnett, 2919 Brandon Schueler/Cayden MacCachren, 2975 Mike Cafro, 2998 P.J. Jones; SCORE Lites: 1206 Freddie Willert, 1208 Rich Roberts, 1202 Matias Arjona IV; Pro UTV NA: 1954 Kristen Matlock, 1995 Kaden Wells, 1957 Joe Bolton, 1920 Elias Hanna, 1925 Zach Sizemore; Class 1/2-1600: 1616 Eli Yee, 1621 Kevin A. Sanchez; PRO UTV OPEN: 1871 Wayne Matlock, 1870 Justin Elenburg, 1877 Josh Herzing; PRO UTV STOCK: 3955 Mike Cafro, 3930 Douglas Cornwell; Class 5: 508 Greg Sullivan; Class 5-1600: 557 Larry Negrete Jr, 571 David Heredia; CLASS 7F: 701F Brandon Walsh, 714F Justin Park; CLASS 7SX: 744 Dario Serrano; CLASS 11: 1111 Eric Solorzano, 1196 Alex Gonzales; Pro Moto Unlimited: 5x Derek Ausserbauer, 22x Shane Redline; PRO MOTO LIMITED: 100x Fernando Beltran; PRO MOTO 40: 408x Ryan Liebelt; PRO MOTO 30: 325x Jano Montoya; PRO MOTO IRONMAN: 725x Juan Carlos Salvatierra, 723x Edgar Cota; PRO MOTO 50: 500x Vance Kennedy, 510x Giovanni Spinali.

SCORE World Desert Championship Class Descriptions/Numbers

The 2021 SCORE World Desert Championship series features 44 Pro and 7 Sportsman Classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and quads. Class winners are determined along with the overall race winner in Pro Cars/Trucks, Pro Motorcycles and Pro UTVs. Listed by Class start order. General Class descriptions and vehicle numbers:
Pro Cars & Trucks, Numbers
SCORE Trophy Truck (Unlimited custom Trucks), 1-99
SCORE TT Legend (Drivers over 50, Unlimited custom Trucks), 1L-99L
Class 1 (Unlimited single or two-seat open-wheel race car), 100-199
Trophy Truck Spec (custom trucks/SUV, stock, sealed V-8 engines, 2WD), 200-299
Class 10 (Limited, sealed 2.2L-2.4L engine, 1 or 2-seat open-wheel race cars), 1000-1099
Class 7 (Unlimited, six-cylinder production appearing trucks or SUVs), 700-739
Pro UTV FI (two/four-seat factory Forced Induction OEM engine UTVs), 2900-2999
SCORE Lites (Limited single-1776cc-or two-seaters-1835cc VW engines), 1200-1299
Pro UTV NA (two/four-seat Normally Aspirated OEM engine UTVs), 1900-1999
Class 1/2-1600 (single or two-seat desert race cars to 1600cc VW engines), 1600-1699
Pro UTV Stock (Stock Production UTVs, NA or FI), 3900-3969
Class 8 (Full-size two-wheel drive truck or SUV. No limit on displacement), 800-899
Heavy Metal (Open Trucks, SUVs, stock appearing body, V8 engines), 8000-8099
Class 4700 (Jeepspeed Trophy), 4700-4799
Class 3700 (Jeepspeed Outlaw), 3700-3799
Class 1700 (Jeepspeed Challenge), 1700-1799
Class 2700 (Jeepspeed Intermediate), 2700-2799      
Hammer Truck Unlimited (unlimited, custom 4-wheel drive Rock Crawler), 4400-4499
Hammer Truck Limited (limited, production type, 4-Wheel Drive Rock Crawler), 4500-4599
Pro UTV Open (one/two-seat Open UTV NA or FI), 1850-1899
Class 5 (Unlimited Baja Bugs any manufacturer, VW concept engines allowed), 500-549
Protruck (Spec Production Trucks. V8 engines), 1350-1399
Class 3 (Short wheelbase 4X4 based on production vehicles), 300-399
Class 5-1600 (1600cc, water-cooled VW Baja Bugs), 550-599
Baja Challenge (Spec Subaru-powered two-seat open wheel race cars), BC1-BC49
Class 7F (Stock frame, engine, body, 2 or 4-WD mini or mid-size trucks), 700F-739F
Class 7SX (2 or 4-WD production-based mini or mid-sized trucks), 740-759
Stock Full (Stock full-sized 2 or 4-wheel drive trucks, SUVs), 8100-8199
Class 3000 (short wheel-base, production, 2.2/2.4-Liter Ecotec engine), 3000-3099
Baja-e (single or two-seat solely electric powered unlimited 4-wheel vehicles), E400-E424
Class 2 (Unrestricted cars/trucks including forced induction), 2000-2049
Vintage Trailblazer (1982 and earlier cars/trucks), v+Number
Vintage Innovator (1983-1992 cars/trucks), Number+v
Class 9 (Short wheelbase, VW-powered single or two-seaters, max 1585cc), 900-999
Class 11 (Stock VW Sedans 1600cc VW-powered Type 1, safety modifications), 1100-1199

Sportsman Cars/Trucks/UTVs, Numbers
Sportsman Unlimited Truck (trucks/SUVs, NA, production appearing full body), 1400-1499
Sportsman Limited Truck (full frame, leaf springs only full-bodied NA Trucks/SUVs), 2300-2349
Sportsman Open-Wheel (unlimited single or two-seat open-wheel cars), 1500-1599
Sportsman UTV Unlimited (unlimited UTV), 1800-1849
Sportsman UTV Stock (showroom Stock UTVs, safety mods, FI or NA), 3970-3999

Pro Motorcycles, Numbers
Pro Moto Unlimited (450cc or more), 1x-99x
Pro Moto 30 (Riders over 30 years old, Open cc), 300x-399x
Pro Moto Limited (less than 450cc), 100x-199x
Pro Moto 50 (Riders over 50 years old, Open cc), 500x-599x
Pro Moto 40 (Riders over 40 years old, Open cc), 400x-499x
Pro Moto Ironman (Solo riders, Open cc), 700x-799x
Pro Moto 60 (Riders over 60 years old, Open cc), 600x-649x

Pro Quads, Numbers
Pro Quad (open motorcycle engine displacement, minimum 200cc), 1a-49a
Pro Quad Ironman (Solo riders, Open), 75a-99a

Sportsman Motorcycles/Quads, Numbers
Sportsman M/C (min 200cc motorcycle engine displacement), 200x-299x
Sportsman Quads (minimum 200cc Motorcycle engine displacement), 100a-199a


In the field are 67 racers who have 212 combined class wins in this race. Leading this prestigious group of returning multiple class winners are Jim O’Neal with 21 class wins and Larry Roeseler with 17. The other racers with the most multiple class wins in this race who are back to attempt to add to their winning totals are: Nick Vanderwey (8), Mike Cafro, Shane Esposito, Rob MacCachren and Eric Solorzano (7 each), Clyde Stacy
(6), Dan Chamlee, Robby Gordon, Rick D. Johnson, Wayne Matlock, Earl Roberts and J. David Ruvalcaba (5 each), Elias Hanna, Andy McMillin, Jano Montoya, Jeff Proctor, Giovanni Spinali and Fred Willert (4 each) and Marc Burnett, Max Eddy Jr Chelsea Magness, Bryce Menzies, Justin Matney, Andy McMillin, Wes Miller and Jason Trubey (3 each).


A total of 14 class winners from last year’s SCORE Baja 500 are entered this year with several in different classes. Returning 2020 class winners are Daniel McMillin (SCORE Trophy Truck, No. 23 Chevy C1500), Clyde Stacy, Bristol, Va./Nick Vanderwey, Phoenix (SCORE TT Legend, No. 5L Chevy V16), Cody Parkouse, Long Beach, Calif. (Class 1, No. 127 Jimco-Chevy), Jorge Sampietro, Ensenada, Mexico (Trophy Truck Spec, No. 200 Jefferies-Chevy), Matt Burroughs, Norco, Calif. (Pro UTV FI, No. 2948 Can-Am X3), Jeff Proctor, Glendora, Calif. (Class 7, Honda Ridgeline), Kristen Matlock, Alpine, Calif. (Pro UTV NA, Polaris RZR XP4 1000), Mike Cafro, Fallbrook, Calif. (Pro UTV Stock, No. 3955 Polaris RZR Turbo S), Mike Hales, Rogers, Ark. (Hammer Truck UNLTD, No. 8851 Jeep Wrangler), Edward Muncey, San Diego (Baja Challenge, No. BC4 BTC-Subaru), Fernando Beltran, Ensenada, Mexico (Pro Moto Limited, No. 180x Yamaha YZ250F), Juan Carlos Salvatierra, Boliva (Pro Moto Ironman, KTM 500EXCF),  Vance Kennedy, Peoria, Ariz. (Pro Moto 50, KTM 500XCW) and Carlos Silva, Mexicali, Mexico (SPT M/C, 200x Honda CRF450X).
Everyone in this group of last year’s winners is in their same respective classes for this year’s race, except Silva who has moved from Sportsman Motorcycle to Pro Moto Unlimited, leading his team on the No. 11x.


Among the overall race winners returning this year are 13 racers who have combined to win 31 overall 4-wheel and 2-wheel titles including drivers from of the last 11 consecutive years of 4-wheel overalls. Leading the way with multiple overall wins in this race are Larry Roeseler with 11 overall victories (including nine on a motorcycle), Robby Gordon with four, Andy McMillin, Scott McMillin and Bryce Menzies with three each, Rob MacCachen with two, Gustavo ‘Tavo’ Vildosola, Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez, Daniel McMillin and Justin B. Smith with one each in 4-Wheel. In 2-wheel, besides Roeseler’s nine overall motorcycle wins and Shane Esposito has one overall.


In the 53-year history of the SCORE Baja 500, this will be the 47th time the race has started in Ensenada and the 43rd time it has finished in Ensenada. It will be the first time it has started one-mile past the Northeast end of the extension of Avenida Ruiz.
This race has also started three times in Ojos Negros, twice in San Felipe and one time Barstow, Calif.(USA).
This race has also finished five times in Santo Tomas, twice in Ojos Negros, twice in San Felipe  and one time in Barstow, Calif. (USA).
The 1989 race that started and finished in San Felipe was the only year that there were no classes for motorcycles.


In 4-wheel vehicle competition, Ford motors have produced 15 overall winners, VW motors and Chevy motors are tied with 14 overall winners, followed Toyota with seven, Porsche with 5, Jeep with one and Oldsmobile with 1.
Among trucks and SUVs, Ford has produced 13 overall winners, Chevy has 10, Toyota seven and Jeep with one overall winning vehicle.
Among Open-Wheel 4-wheel vehicles, Funco and Chenowth have each produced the chassis for 7 overall winners while Jimco and Smithbuilt have each produced the chassis for 3 overall winners, followed by Sandmaster with 2, and Baja Boot, Chaparral and Tatum with 1 each.
In motorcycle competition, Honda leads with 22 overall victories, followed by Husqvarna with 12, Kawasaki with 11, Yamaha with 4 and Beta, Ducati and Harley-Davidson with 1 overall motorcycle win each.
Tire manufacturers in the car and truck classes, BFGoodrich Tires leads with 33 overall winners, followed by Western Auto with 5, Toyo Tires with four, Firestone Tires, Goodyear Tires and Yokohama Tires with two each.


BFGoodrich Tires is celebrating over four decades as a major player in SCORE Baja racing. In addition to being the official tire of SCORE International for over four decades, BFGoodrich Tires has produced the tire of choice for 33 of the overall 4-wheel vehicle winners in the SCORE Baja 500. In total, BFGoodrich Tires has now been the tire of choice for the overall 4-wheel vehicle winner in 93 total SCORE Baja races including 31 in the SCORE Baja 1000. BFGoodrich Tires also provides unmatched pit support for racers using their tires with four full-service pit areas and over 150 support crew personnel spread along the race course and complete radio relay the entire race course. BFGoodrich Tires will also award $25,000 contingency money to the overall winners of this year’s 51st SCORE Baja 500 running exclusively on their tires.


Jim O’Neal, 74, the noted apparel/performance products manufacturer (O’Neal USA) from Simi Valley, Calif., and super-vet multi-time SCORE champion age-group motorcycle racer has been selected to be the Grand Marshal for this year’s SCORE Baja 500. O’Neal has a race-record 21 class wins in the SCORE Baja 500. He has 39 starts out of 52 years in the SCORE Baja 500 and 39 starts out of 53 years in the SCORE Baja 1000 and he has raced in all 34 SCORE San Felipe 250 races. He has a SCORE-record 22 season point titles in his lengthy career. This year’s SCORE Baja 500 will be his fourth SCORE race as a co-rider for the Giovanni Spinali team in the Pro Moto 50 class for riders over 50 years old on the No. 510x Yamaha YZ450FX.


Among crossover/celebrity racers entered in the 51st SCORE Baja 500 are:
-Larry Roeseler, AMA Hall of Famer/ORMHOF Hall of Famer, 10 golds in ISDE (No. 3, SCORE Trophy Truck)
-Robby Gordon, former NASCAR Cup Series Team Owner/Driver (No. 77, SCORE Trophy Truck)
-Cameron Steele, Action Sports TV Commentator/host (No. 16, SCORE Trophy Truck)
-Bryce Menzies, 3-time SCORE Baja 500 champ & international rally-raid racer (No. 7, SCORE Trophy Truck)
-Bobby Patton, Texas businessman, part owner of the LA Dodgers (No. 20L, SCORE TT Legend)
-Robbie Pierce, owner of Jimco Racing Products (No. 20L SCORE TT Legend)
-Santiago Creel, Mexico City, int’l motorcycle rally racer, business entrepreneur (No. 200, Trophy Truck Spec)
-Juan Carlos Salvatierra, most recognized athlete from Boliva, nine-time Dakar Rally racer (No. 725x Pro Motor Ironman)
-P.J. Jones, IMSA Champion and son of Parnelli Jones, former NASCAR & Indy Car racer, (No. 2998, Pro UTV FI)
-Ryan Millen, rally racer son of Rod Millen and younger brother of Rhys Millen (No. 264 Trophy Truck Spec)
While there are numerous female co-drivers/riders, the seven women who are drivers/riders of record:
Shelby Reid, No. 168 Class 1
Kristen Matlock, No. 1954 Pro UTV NA
Chelsea Magness, No. 232 Trophy Truck Spec
Tamara Myers, No. No. 1023 Class 10
Valerie Clark, No. 214 Trophy Truck Spec
Michelle Barazza, No. 1879 Pro UTV Open
Jordan Price, No. 1610 Class 1/2-1600

2020 TOP 10 FINISHERS: 129 Total Starters, 78 Total Finishers

Overall Cars, Trucks & UTVs
1.  23 Dan McMillin, 32, San Diego/Justin B. Smith, 36, Las Vegas, Chevy C1500 (Mason) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
2. 19 Tim Herbst, 57, Las Vegas/Pat Dean, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (Herbst-Smith) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
3.  83 Luke McMillin, 27, San Diego, Ford F-150 (Racer) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
4. 10 Alan Ampudia, 29, Ensenada, Mexico/Aaron Ampudia, 27, Ensenada, Mexico, Ford Raptor (ID) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
5. 127 Cody Parkhouse, 33, Long Beach, Calif./Brian Parkhouse, 60, Long Beach, Calif., Jimco-Chevy (Class 1)
6.  260 Santiago Creel, 34, Mexico City, Mexico/Jorge Sampietro, Ensenada, Mexico/Jose Castelan, Ensenada, Mexico, Jefferies-Chevy (Trophy Truck Spec)
7.  162 Brendan Gaughan, 45, Las Vegas/Buddy Feldkamp, 42, Redlands, Calif./ Mike Montes, 52, Las Vegas/Billy Goerke, 46, Las Vegas, HMS-Chevy (Class 1)
8.  77 Robby Gordon, 51, Charlotte, N.C., Chevy Silverado (Custom) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
9.  295 William Hedrick Jr, 24, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/William Hedrick, 54, Vicente Guerrero, Mexico/German Encinas, 44, Ensenada, Mexico, ID-Chevy (Trophy Truck Spec)
10.  285 Clay Lawrence, 58, Banning, Calif./Brad Manka, 43, Perris, Calif./Costa Gialamas, 41, Aguanga, Calif., LMS-Chevy (Trophy Truck Spec)

Overall Motorcycle—1x Mark Samuels, 30, Yucca Valley, Calif./Justin Morgan, 30, El Cajon, Calif./Justin Jones, 29, Murrieta, Calif., Honda CRF450X

2019 TOP 3 FINISHERS: 245 Total Starters, 144 Total Finishers

Overall Cars, Trucks & UTVs
1. 31 Andy McMillin, 32, National City, Calif., Chevy Silverado (Mason) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
2. 83 Luke McMillin, 26, San Diego, Ford F-150 (Racer) (SCORE Trophy Truck)
3. 9 Carlos ‘Apdaly’ Lopez, 24, Tecate, Mexico, Chevy Rally Truck (Geiser) (SCORE Trophy Truck)

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