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Street/Autocross BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S

Street/Track BFGoodrich g-Force Rival

g-Force Rival S

AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 2017 g-Force Rival S 1.5

Rival S 1.5 —  The same proven Rival S compound introduced in 2015 with enhanced internal construction to improve turn-in and transitional response on low to medium horsepower momentum autocross cars.  Rival S 1.5 will be available and SCCA Solo legal for 2017 in eight sizes with section widths 255mm and smaller across 15″-18″ rim diameters.

Coming Spring 2017 new size 245/40VR15.

See the preview in Grassroots Motorsports magazine June 2016.

BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S

New for 2015 alternate compound g-Force Rival S in ten (10) select popular sizes
Extreme high-performance street/autocross tire for national level SCCA Solo and Pro Touring competitors
Updated compound for quicker warm-up, maximum dry, and improved wet grip; sacrificing some wear while still meeting UTQG 200.
Enhanced construction to improve shoulder wear on camber challenged cars
Tested at Lincoln Air Park on 2014 Tire Rack Solo Nationals West course with SCCA National Championship drivers and at Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds (LPG) Black Lake
SCCA National Solo legal after April 30, 2015 for Street Touring (ST), Street (S), and Classic American Muscle (CAM) classes requiring UTQG 200 minimum
Also eligible for autocross competition in American Street Car Series, Good Guys Pro-Touring Autocross, Optima Ultimate Streetcar, and Tire Rack One Lap of America.
UTQG 200
Molded tread depth 7.2/32”
Shaving not required
10 popular P-metric light load sizes in 15″-18″ seat diameters; exception- standard load on  205/50ZR15.

P205/50ZR15 84W SL
P225/45ZR15 81W LL
P215/45ZR16 80W LL
P225/45ZR17 84W LL
P245/40ZR17 86W LL
P255/40ZR17 89W LL
P245/40ZR18 88W LL
P275/35ZR18 87W LL
P315/30ZR18 91W LL
P335/30ZR18 95W LL

BFGoodrich advises that four sizes of the g-Force Rival S tire line are engineered in such a manner as to support an “alternate” service description with a higher load rating and lower speed rating than nominal for a given P-metric size.   Specifically, by reducing the speed rating from W to V, the Light Load MSPNs can support an increase of three load indices as described within the industry standard calculations outlined in the 2015 edition of the Tire & Rim Association, Inc guide.

MSPN Dimension Light Load Load Pounds Alternate V Load Pounds
39759 P225/45R17 84W 1,102 87V 1,201
55772 P245/40R17 86W 1,168 89V 1,279
15088 P255/40R17 89W 1,279 92V 1,389
91680 P245/40R18 88W 1,235 91V 1,356

Rival tires feature a three or four rib tread design depending on section width
Category exclusive all Rival models are designed, engineered, and Made in USA

Official Tire Evolution Performance Driving School

Available exclusively through BFGoodrich USA and Canadian race tire distributors:

The Tire Rack
Jackson Motorsports Group
OnEdge Performance
Phils Race Tire

Braidan Motorsports
Pneus Touchette Motorsports

Visit BFGoodrichTires.com for additional information.

Remember to ensure maximum performance vehicle set-up, tire pressure, and temperature monitoring is imperative.  Rival S is primarily intended as a low-speed autocross tire.  Use on road courses in time attack formats requires proper car and feeding.  With proper and safe operation on “roval” road courses necessitating increased air pressure to compensate for the vertical loading exerted by the track banking.

BFGoodrich g-Force Rival and Rival S - SCCA Solo Street Touring and Stock Legal UTQG 200 Tire

BFGoodrich g-Force Rival and Rival S – SCCA Solo Street Touring and Street Class Legal UTQG 200 Tire

BFGoodrich g-Force Performance Racing Core (PRC)

BFGoodrich g-Force Performance Racing Core (PRC)